Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Getting Fit

Today I did something that I NEVER imagined I would have the opportunity to do. I hoped for an opportunity to do it about a year and a half ago when I was on a hard core track of healthy eating and strict exercise routine...but never thought I'd be able to afford it.

So what did I do? I met with a personal trainer! 

For real.

It was just our initial meeting to sign paperwork (waivers and what not) and set goals. My awesome mom bought me a 6 session package with Abby (a girl I've known most of her life thanks to being a classmate to her sister) of Be YOU Fitness, plus I was at an event back in November and Abby had one of the booths and gave me a pass for a Free Personal Session AND a Free Class Session. YAY!

I am going to meet with her once a week for the next 7 weeks (I wanted to help keep myself accountable for a longer period of time rather than doubling up sessions) and try to fit a few of her classes in as well. I will also be keeping up with my at-home workouts (with the good ol' dvds - I have quite the collection). I am journaling my food/drink intake so that she can review it and give me some pointers on better fuel for my body. She is also having my text her each day to let her know what exercise routine I've done. Her word of the day - ACCOUNTABILITY. Love it! :)

As I type this, I am finishing up Day 3 of my #onedayatatime journey! I've been on this weight roller coaster my entire life. No joke. By third grade I was the "fat girl" of my class and it continued all the way through college into my adult life. When I met Eric, I was at my lowest point that I can remember - around 250 pounds. By the time we got married, I had let the pounds creep back on and was squishing into my wedding gown at 275-280 pounds. And now, after a summer of recovering from a broken leg and blood clots, as well as continuing my downward trend of activity and bad food choices (ugh - I need a job so I can get out of the house!)...I am 2 pounds shy of my highest weight ever...307 pounds. 

So, I am back at it. Eric is working at eating better, which in turn is helping me stay on track. The true challenge will be this weekend when we have the girls for the first time during my healthy living journey. I struggle to eat properly when they are here because a) we normally keep junk food around for them to snack on (not this time!) and b) they are picky and won't eat a veggie to save their lives! They do like to be active and I wish we weren't having this snowy/icy weather because they would go walk outside with me, but since we can't do that and we don't have much space in the house, activity levels stay pretty low key. All in all, it's a learning curve...for all of us.

That is actually one of the first things I found from being part of the blogger world - support. So many of you are my "real life" friends that have counted calories along with me and logged workouts via text messaging! And then there are others of you (that I would love to one day meet) that inspire me with your own weight loss journeys and have reached out to offer support. I appreciate ALL of you!


  1. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear about/see your journey.

  2. This is awesome, E! I reeeeeally want a personal trainer!

  3. I'm so jealous you're meeting with a personal trainer! But I'm even more excited for you! I'm sure that will be a key to weight loss.

    You know I totally relate to your struggle, I've been there my entire life and I'm always here to talk if you need to.

    You got this!

  4. So proud of you! You totally got this! I am here for you in anyway I can be!



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