Tuesday, February 18, 2014

J'Adore Vox Box Review

I am excited to say that I got another VoxBox to review on Saturday. And this one was a winner!!

My family will be enjoying the Hershey Kisses (I'm currently completing a Paleo challenge), especially since they are milk chocolate. ;)

On Saturday night, I tried the Botanics Ionic Clay Mask...it was great! I love a good face mask. I have used mostly Mary Kay brand over the years and this one worked the same. I do caution that you be careful on the first squeeze! The runny liquid came gushing out...all over my hand and the bathroom sink. Be sure to shake it up a little for a better consistency. I lost track of time and it was about 15 minutes before I got my mask washed off, but it came off very easily. I really dislike having to scrub my face raw to get the mask washed off, so this was a nice surprise.

On Monday morning, I gave the FrizzEase Flat Iron Spray a go...and it was another winner! I have used some other sprays throughout the years (salon brands), but when my last bottle ran out, I never replaced it. Mostly because the cost seemed so outrageous, especially to someone without a job. I did this quickly as I was called in for a last minute job interview, so I spritzed it in my towel dried damp hair - blowdried it - ran the flat iron through my hair. It was wonderful! Maybe even better than the ones I've used in the past. I already have it on my shopping list for this week to stock up with a bigger bottle! I will need it since I landed the job from yesterday's interview! Yay! The other nice part is that it is a 3 day spray - now let me say...I am not a 3 day hair girl. I can't even go 1 day without washing my hair. I will say this, my hair today is as straight and smooth as it was yesterday. It is currently pulled up in a ponytail (just finished my workout for the day). So if you are one of those lucky girls who can go days without washing your hair...this spray would be great for you!

The other items have yet to be tried - mainly because I've never worn false lashes before, but I do look forward to trying the ones in this box. I will probably attempt them for a special night out with the hubs. The other item in the box was tea...and I am NOT a tea drinker. My husband plans to give these a shot (and so will our oldest daughter, most likely, as she likes tea as well).

All in all this was a great box...way to go Influenster!


  1. So, you might have posted this before... but how does this whole box thing work? Is it like a pay-it-forward deal, or more of a review their items deal? I like free stuff! :)

  2. Congrats on the job, hunny! That's fantastic! I'd also like details on this VoxBox thing...I love trying new products but am always scared to buy things in case I hate them.



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