Monday, February 3, 2014

Nutrition & Exercise

Here I sit, I've just survived my second personal training session. After last week, I will admit...I was kinda dreading tonight. Why? Well probably because it took me until Friday night to be able to sleep all night without arm pain and to be able to raise my arms above my head without difficulty. Yep. It hurt so good. ;)

Saying all that makes me sound like such a weeny. I guess I am! My husband sure enjoyed some laughs this past week. However, I suited up and showed up! And once again, I loved it!

All week I stayed in contact with Abby via text. She gave great advice for getting thru the painful moments. I'm so glad I have her to help coach me along, not just when we have our 1 hour session each week. Makes ya feel like someone cares!

Tonight was a whole new set of exercises, but it was still challenging. I do feel stronger this week. My husband said I would, but I didn't believe him. *ahem* As part of my training with Abby, she is also reviewing my weekly food journal and helping me pick better foods. I realize I should know better about nutrition (especially since I have a teaching degree in Home Economics), but after being a slug for most of my 31 years AND eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted (barring my few stints with weight loss), it takes quite a bit to retrain yourself.

On a side note - I stayed the same weight as last week. I'm okay with that since this past week was my dreaded time of the month. ha We also went out to eat for Eric's birthday and cake was involved 2 different times for the aforementioned birthday. :p

2 weeks down and now focused on week 3! It's a #onedayatatime journey.


  1. You're doing great! Slow and steady win the race. Have you thought about trying to eat clean for a bit? Maybe do the 80/20 rule? 80% clean and 20% not so clean each day. Eat every 3 hours! (That's what I tell everyone I coach.) You've totally got this!! Write your goals down and stay focused. :)

  2. It is definitely a one day at a time journey, but you have Abby and a million cheerleaders. So you got this!!

  3. Great work friend! Having someone to coach you through is a HUGE help! Eating habits are always the hardest to change! I know when I first started my weight loss journey I started by changing one thing at a time. Before I knew it my whole way of eating had totally changed. One day at a time one step at a time! You got this!



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