Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NEW Scentsy - Spring/Summer 2014

I love love love the new Scentsy catalog! It's been so hard to keep everything a secret until now! haha

If you're interested - please check out my website. I have a few parties going on this month and I know my hostesses would be thrilled to have an extra order or two. ;)

Some of my new favorite items are below...

March's Warmer of the Month deal - $31.50
You get this beautiful custom warmer with the Thank You Scentsy frame PLUS a complimentary warmer that will be a surprise from Scentsy! If you want to change it up, you can order a new frame to replace the one that comes with it for only $7.00.

One of our newest Element Warmers - Zen Rock - $25
these warmers do not use light bulbs, they have a heating element under the lid
my husband is dying to get this one!

the new scents - our current faves are Aussie Plum, Atlas Cedar, Tomato Vine & Rosemary Mint

Clover the Cow buddy - $25
Clover is limited edition item with only 40,000 available! Get yours before they are gone!

Cluck the Chicken buddy - $25
Cluck is limited edition item with only 40,000 available! Get yours before they are gone!

Roosevelt the Rabbit charitable cause buddy - $30
Roosevelt is this season's charitable cause benefiting the March of Dimes campaign! $6.50 from each one sold will go to the March of Dimes. Would make a cute Easter gift too! ;)

Owlet - $35
A beautiful new premium warmer for all the owl lovers out there!

Daisy Craze - $20
My personal favorite new plug-in...trying to figure out which room I could put it in...love this shade of purple!

A new collection that a shadow shade fits INSIDE a woven or frosted glass shade (your choice) to project a beautiful design...these are gorgeous!

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