Monday, March 3, 2014

Photo A Day: Week 9

What a week! And it's already March too. Goodness...time has been flying by lately. Without further ado, a look back at my week via pictures!

butternut squash soup - my only true dislike so far while eating paleo

my work space

my new workplace has a Starbucks in it...swanky, no?

Wednesday was a bust - I was sure I took a pic, but that's the day I felt my worst, so I guess not!

carried all my stuff to work in one of my new Scentsy bags

I have a cubicle partner (she's awesome...Thank goodness!) and she brought this in for one of our cabinets

used a Pinterest idea to take my gel polish off (it worked well)

1 comment:

  1. If my work had a Starbucks I would be dead BROKE! Love your new background by the way:)



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