Sunday, March 23, 2014

Workout Progress

I know Jenn & Nikki aren't doing the linkup, but I have found that it helps keep me accountable by I will probably continue to do so. I also text my daily workouts to my trainer, but that will be ending in another 4 weeks (at least until I can save up for more sessions!), so with this in place as well, I hope to stay motivated. ha

Sunday, March 16 - home strength training #2 (workout designed by Abby)
Monday, March 17 - 1 hour training session with Abby
Tuesday, March 18 - home strength training #2 (workout designed by Abby) + walked 1 mile with Leslie Sansone Walk at Home (YouTube)
Wednesday, March 19 - walked 3 miles with Leslie Sansone Power Walk (YouTube)
Thursday, March 20 - rest day
Friday, March 21 - home strength training #2 (workout designed by Abby)

Saturday, March 22 - home strength training #2 (workout designed by Abby)

I am also switching over to a clean eating plan versus the paleo plan. It is not quite as strict as paleo, which I think will help me stick to it. The more I am denied, the more I crave something! ha I've got my food planned out for the week and that always helps as well.


  1. You are doing SO great! SOOOOO proud of you!

  2. GREAT WORK! FYI Just because we are not doing the link up anymore does not mean we will not be posting! I'm so mad the HTML messes up my layout! I loved the linkup!

  3. I don't know how people stick to the paleo diet. I would get bored fast. Clean eating sounds like a much easier way to eat healthy!



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