Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dizziness + Meds + Sunshine + Work = Rainy Day Break

Well the title pretty much says it has been an extremely hectic and stressful week around here! It started off with not feeling well/being dizzy all the time to going to the doctor and getting a pill that doesn't settle well with me, but that does take away the dizziness. Throw in a very nice, sunny Saturday where I worked for 9 hours....what do you get? A TIRED girl! Jenna and her friend, Fei-Fei, made a surprise stop after being in the Louisville area looking for Fei's new apartment. I unfortunately didn't get off work early enough to go have dinner with them at The Grub Co. :( By the time I did get home, I had to take my pill for the night and that pretty much puts me out of commission for the rest of the time.

We all woke up to a rainy Sunday, but managed to make it to Crossroads for some yummy breakfast! :) Jen & Fei headed off on another of their adventures...haha...and mom & I came home to rest. I believe I just heard the recliner leg rest flip out, so I'm guessing mom and Toby are napping! hahahaha I would love a nap, but for now I have office work I need to get caught up on! I hope to make this a productive day even though the rain makes it hard.

I hope everyone has a good day! Hope you got to enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday!

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