Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Drugs

For anyone who REALLY knows me, you know that I have an extremely high pain threshold and that it takes very little medicine to fix the problem! For example, when I have a severe headache/migraine...I take Children's Bayer Aspirin (dosage for a 2 year old) and within a 1/2 hour I feel fabulous! haha Seriously. Ask my family. :p

Today, I finally decided to get an appointment to go see a doctor about my dizziness since it was not going away. Dr. M told was mostly concerned about my blood pressure, which had me worried at first. I generally run on the low side, but today it was high and after they checked it THREE times, he said he was glad it was a little high because he would be worried about me fainting/passing out if it got too low. After checking my ears and running through all the symptoms, he decided that it is most likely a middle ear problem caused by allergies. Whew!

He gave me some meds, which used to be by prescription but are OTC now. I took the first pill as soon as I got it and although I'm still feeling some dizziness, it's not nearly as bad! He said the pills should work immediately and if not, I'd have to go to an ENT (ear-nose-throat specialist for you novices. haha I am well versed in ENT's after all my childhood problems.) He was thinking ENT because he could see the scarring left behind from having tubes twice when I was younger, at least he HOPED it was old scars.

For now I choose to believe I'm on the mend!! Hopefully after another dose tonight and a few tomorrow, I'll be as good as new! :)

PS-what an absolutely beautiful day!

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