Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hide & Seek

Apparently the sunshine has decided to play hide & seek this week!! :(

After an absolutely FABULOUS weekend here in southeastern IN...I mean, how could anyone not love the 80 degree sunny weather we had Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday!?! It was wonderful! A great weekend at the golf course. I love busy weekends like that! Of course I knew it would rain today...it's the first day of League play at the course! haha It always seemed to rain on league nights last year. Ugh.

So for now I'm going to enjoy a little down time. I doubt I'll be at work very much this week. Of course I'd rather have slept in this morning, but my wonderful (said sarcastically through gritted teeth this morning) pup Toby found it necessary to wake me up over 30 mins before my alarm went off! Argh. Brat. haha

I hope everyone got to enjoy the weekend! I can't believe it's almost MAY! Goodness where has the time gone?!?

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