Tuesday, June 9, 2009


CXXV = 125

This is my 125th post! I meant to do something at 100 like everyone else normally does, but I forgot! So 125 is the next milestone...right? haha

Anyway, not much excitement around here. Yesterday it seems EVERYONE I know was having a case of the Monday Blues, including me! I don't what the problem was, but we were all having rough days...headaches, muscle aches, plans falling through, tiredness...I guess if anything it's a sign of the changing weather. With summer, we all tend to pack that much more into our weekend and come Monday morning it's all you can do to get out of bed and start the week.

I am swimming in a sea of paperwork this week at work. And absolutely NO desire to do it! ha Oh well, I'll get it done anyway. I do have to say I am quite lucky. I have 2 of the best bosses EVER! They pretty much give me free reign with my job and usually treat me like I'm their boss instead of the other way around...haha

In other news, I think I know what Jenna and I are going to be doing for my late birthday gift! For Christmas I took Jen to a Colts game and we had AWESOME seats. For her birthday in February, I took her to the Jeff Dunham Comedy show in Indy and once again, we had AMAZING seats! So the deal was that this year for my birthday, Jenna was going to take me to a Pittsburgh Steelers game at Heinz Stadium. (yes everyone, I LOVE the Colts, but I also love the Steelers!) After looking at the schedule for this season, none of the games we're able to attend are ones we care to pay to go see! haha So instead of a football game (maybe next year), we are most likely going to go to New York City for a long weekend...and take in a Broadway show! I have been dying to see Wicked and that is the one show Jen will also sit through! ha I'm also excited about the prospect of going to NY because neither of us have ever been and there's soooooo much to see! So, if you have any suggestions on where to stay or what to see (or you're interested in going along), let us know! I don't think we'll go until September or October, which is why it will be a "late" birthday gift.

Enough yammering about nothing...here's a few pictures from recent days.

looking over the 9th green towards the tee

early morning at the course

course is offering lessons this summer! Grant teaching Pam

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  1. Awe yeah I was bummed too! From the pics it looked like you guys had a nice time! One bad thing about being with a farmer....stuff comes up! :)

    I need to be better about updating my blog! Ugh....



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