Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rainy Fourth

If you are in the southern Indiana area, you surely experienced RAIN today! ha I spent my day at the golf course...working. Yes, I put in 14 hours today. ugh!

We hosted the 2nd Annual Beatle Hughes Classic today and it was an absolute blast! Of course, if you know Beatle, you understand how the day went! ha ;) This year everyone played in the rain AGAIN...yep, you read that right, last year it poured, this year it poured. Anyone seeing a trend? Today the joke was that if it rains again next year we have to change the name of the event to try to prevent rain!

We had 13 teams play in our 18 hole scramble. The pictures below are of my "golf course family." I see most of these guys more than once a week! :)

Rain + Beer + Beatle Hughes + the "crew" = GREAT 4th of JULY

Beatle teeing off Hole #1

Jesse, Keith, & Blake eyeing their shot on the 9th green

Dave Bultman & Jeff Dilk

The Winning Team - Jesse, Keith, Blake, Rick

3rd Place - Holman team

my crazy friends, Cooters & Shooters!
Jodi, Jeff, Dave, Marie

hanging out after a long, wet afternoon!

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