Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Glow in the Dark Fun

Last weekend, the golf course hosted (ahem, I should say "I" hosted) a Moonlight Golf event. Each player wears a glow-in-the-dark necklace, gets a special golf ball that you insert a glow stick in, all the flags have glow sticks on them, the holes have glow bracelets in them, and there are glow stakes marking every 150 yards along the fairways. We had 13 pairs come out and play, mostly husband and wife teams. The group had a BLAST! Of course, we started almost an hour late because half the players were having a pre-party at one of their houses. It took us 2 hours extra to play and by then, all but 5 teams gave up and went home. ha Not that I blame them, but I was EXHAUSTED. I worked 18.5 hours total before going home to get 4 hours of sleep and working another 8 hour shift that afternoon. Even the boss man got cranky (yes, men are often more trouble) and went home....much to my dismay since he didn't even tell me!?! :( Luckily, mom and Tosha were there helping me, so it was a fast cleanup. Jesse doesn't ever want to do night golf again...but I have to say, even with the long hours...I know EXACTLY what to do next time for a better evening! ha I plan on another event with even more people next year!!

Here's a few pictures of the night...

listening to the rules

the glow sticks looked cool around the course

time to hit up the beer cart...ha

all night it looked like floating orbs were walking around

teeing off

Matty and his beer "cooler"

waiting for Heather to chip the ball

I know some of the pictures are hard to make out, but if you know what's going on, you can generally make it out pretty well. I wish there was a better way to capture everything. The glow sticks light up so well...but the minute you go to take a picture, the camera can't find anything to focus on! :p

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