Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Great Teacher Passes On

This morning our community is saddened by the news that one of Jac-Cen-Del's best teachers passed away. Mr. Don Snedaker was found at his home this morning by his sister. I am unsure of any other details, but suffice it to say that everyone is in disbelief.

Lovingly called "Sned" by his students, he was quite the motivator. Sned was the type of teacher that always demanded more of his students, but didn't do it in a harsh way...everyone WANTED to do their best for him. I cannot remember a time when I didn't know him. He went to high school with my Uncle Owen and was close with a few of my cousins who were also elementary teachers at JCD. Jenna and I spent many evenings in their classrooms after school until mom got off work and Sned was always part of the "after school" crowd! ha

Next week will be tough for the school system. Please keep JCD, especially the elementary, in your prayers.

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