Thursday, March 11, 2010

Revealed part 2

Okay, so the wrap has been off for about 2 hours now....I must say, I still love it! haha

The final result (day 1)...

I'll try to remember to post pictures as/after it heals. But I'm happy with it. :) The shading will fade quite a bit and be more of a shadow, but everything else is pretty well as it should be.

- - -
So why I got what I got....haha....

Dream - anyone who knows me knows I'm a dreamer, not just in that I have lots of goals/dreams, but that I literally have dreams and they often come true! I have dreamt speeches and woke up and typed the entire thing out word for word. I have have dreams about how an event would happen and it's happened that way exactly. I did get it to remind me to keep dreaming big and working hard for what I want in life!

3 Stars - of course they stand for mom, Jenna, and for mom, orange for Jen, and green for me. We've been through a lot together and will always be there for each other. :)
- - -

I always said I wouldn't be the type to get addicted to tattoos, but I have to admit, I really like it and may eventually get the other one I narrowed it down to. Time will tell.


  1. I like it! :) And they are addicting! I got my first one in 2002... got my second in 2010... so I guess my next will be in 2018! :)

  2. I love the meaning behind it! It is pretty! :)
    So.... how bad did it hurt?????

  3. haha...I think mine will be sooner than that Missy!

    And no, it didn't hurt. He warned me before he started and must have asked a million time during it, but it really didn't hurt.

    The worst part about it was my elbow hurt from holding my arm at a weird angle for him to tattoo. haha



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