Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is Near

I know we've had warm spells here and there....and the official first day of spring is close (also happens to be the day of my cousin Monica's birthday)...but there is a way I really know spring is close................

Yep, you guessed it! Golf course season! (this pic was taken yesterday when it was still gray and drizzly)

I'm not real sure how I feel about it yet. haha Um, let me rephrase that. :p I enjoy working at the golf course, but it seems to take up more and more of my time each year. This year the owner wants to cut back on number of employees and thinks he will be there more (yeah, right)...so I guess once again, I'll have healthy paychecks. Unfortunately, as much as I love the pay and the ability to travel from said paychecks, I am also trying to rebuild my Mary Kay business. This month our team is focusing on finishing 1st month of car production...so I need to be busy doing that!! :) I'm going to have to find a balance this year. I think we'll manage, somehow we always do, but it's going to be tough! I've had to "lay down the law" already about times of the week that I absolutely cannot work due to MK obligations.

The course is not officially open yet, but we will be soon. I started cleaning clubhouse today! I have a little more to do tomorrow since it's supposed to be so nice. Then it sounds like another crummy IN spring rainy weekend....then it's a day by day guess of when we're open or not. haha Ah, I just love it. NOT. ;)

Stay tuned for my Adventures in Managing (much like the movie Adventures in Babysitting!). hahahahaha Seriously. I laugh, but it's not too far from the mark!

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