Monday, May 10, 2010

New Jewelry

A new necklace and earrings will make most girls happy! :)

I completed a special challenge from my National Sales Director and was 1 of only 4 to do so! As our prize for completing her challenge, she let us pick from several sets of jewelry she purchased. (She buys from this place a lot and everyone gets excited when she does! ha)

I absolutely LOVE the set I got! I love jewelry, but often times have a hard time actually picking something out because I don't know what I'd wear with it or don't know how I'll like where it falls (necklaces), etc. This set is perfect for me.

I'm sure you'll see me with it on many many times from here on out. haha

The earrings are hard to see, but they are the same clear crystals that are on between the black ones on the necklace.

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