Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Blast from the Past

Ten years ago this week, I was a kid fresh out of high school. I had big hopes. I had tons of agricultural and educational information crammed in my head.

I was preparing for the nomination committee process in order to become an Indiana FFA State Officer. Looking back, I've forgotten all the nerves and sleepless nights of that time. I remember the good times, the friendships, the memories, and my FFA family.

On a hot June day (is there any other kind at State Convention when you're wearing a corduroy jacket? ha) at Purdue University, I will NEVER forget the thrill of them throwing open the door to our little hallway and hearing SLATE HAS PASSED! The 7 of us who had been nominated to serve as officers, dedicating a year of our young lives to the youth of Indiana FFA and developing ourselves as leaders. :)

Next June will mark our 10 year anniversary (your anniversary is marked by the year your service ends, not when it begins)....and it is hard to believe! The time has passed us by....some of us have gotten married and had babies, but the best part is that I still keep in touch with everyone!

Thought everyone might like to take a trip down memory lane with me....

The newly elected 2000-01 Indiana FFA State Officer Team

there's a lot for teenagers to learn when living on their own...Liza and Karissa learned the hard way that regular dish soap does NOT belong in the dishwasher ;)

we loved team "outings" to hang out together on the FFA lake

one of my favorite professional pics of our team...our goodbye pic

after our AWESOME State Convention with all our families

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  1. I remember that convention.. I was a delegate... so.. Your Welcome! :)



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