Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weight Loss Update #4

Tonight was the last weigh-in of this first round of our "biggest loser" style program. haha

Are ya ready for this???

I LOST........2 pounds!!

My total weight loss for the past month is 13.8 pounds! I am so excited! That is 4.5% of my body weight. Not very much, but it's a start! ha

I won our money pool which had $49 in it! :) (Not everyone had paid all the weeks cause they weren't there tonight, but I am still happy about any money at all!)

Next week we start the next round....I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more phenomenal weight loss; however, Las Vegas vacation is going to be the first week! ha hmmmmm ;)


  1. No fear about Vegas! We were there last June... it was hot.. humid.. muggy.. and I couldn't afford to eat! You'll be golden!

  2. haha...that's what we're finding already too! I eat a lot less when it's hot, so that might be my saving grace! ha

  3. Congrats on the 13+ pounds!

    As far as Vegas...you will be getting in a lot of walking between all the casinos!

  4. That's really great! You're doing such a good job! :) KEEP IT UP!



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