Tuesday, June 15, 2010

V's Wedding

On Saturday, my cousin Vanessa got married. Luckily the rain stopped around 11am and we didn't have another rain shower until about 6pm (the reception was already under way). It got pretty nasty later in the night, but we all survived!

I got to the church early to do V's makeup. It was great to see her so happy! V and I have always been fairly close due to being only a year apart. It was a fun day with both families being quite the cut-ups!

my cousins Marlene & Eric (mother of the bride & youngest brother of the bride)

Eric & Jared (brothers of the bride, ushers, and groomsmen!)

Big Joe & Vanessa (father of the bride & BRIDE)

Gloria (matron of honor), Vanessa & Chad, Jared (best man)

the newlyweds! Mr. & Mrs. Beetz

Joe passed this business card out to everyone at the reception...sooooo funny....and typical Joe! Loved it! :p

Now we are wedding free until next month when my cousin Keith gets married. And yes, that makes 4 weddings of cousins on 1 side of the family this year! (Nathan, Lindsay, Vanessa, Keith) Goodness! ha

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