Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 215

I can't believe it's November...Thanksgiving and our trip to San Antonio are coming up FAST! Then it'll be Christmas before you know it.I really do love this time of year!

The farmers are making hay while the sun shines! Well, not really, but you know what I mean! ha They are in the fields from dawn til way into the night harvesting the crops. Some of the corn fields are starting to come down today.

Tonight I was supposed to have a Scentsy party, but the hostess canceled. Not overly upset about it, but I had other plans (Purdue's first pre-season basketball game) that I passed up on because of it. Instead, I enjoyed 3 hours of vacation time this afternoon. Although I didn't do anything significant, it was just nice to have time away from the office while the rest of the world was still OPEN for business. haha You don't realize how many places close down at 4pm in a small town...and when you work until 4 - you can't make it there in time! Toby helped me unpack 5 Scentsy boxes that were delivered today. It kinda looked like a packing store blew up there for awhile! :p

I spent a small portion of my time off getting my daily workout done. I completed W3D2 of C25K. Felt good even though my knee was killing me. I think I may have to look into some sort of knee wrap to see if that helps until some more of the extra pounds I'm carrying comes off.

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  1. I've noticed all the crop harvesting around here, too! We need to have someone come cut our hay so that we'll have hay to lay in the chicken coop all winter!



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