Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 270

On Monday I had to go work for 4 hours to help with paperwork while a very small group of employees came in to finish "must have" orders for our sister company. Thankfully it was a quiet day and because we'd told all of our customers we were on shutdown for the week - there were NO phone calls! Yay! Why can't every day be like that?? haha

After work, I packed up a few clothes and headed to Indy with my sister. We decided to brave the crowds and do a little after Christmas shopping. Even though there were lots of people out and about, we never had to deal with any craziness. I managed to bring home loot from DSW, Charming Charlie's, Maurice's, Ulta, and Kohl's. :)

We managed to finish shopping before dinner at one of our favorite places, Bub's Burgers. If you watch Man vs. Food, you've probably seen it! Always a good choice for food if you're in Carmel. We stopped at Jen's long enough to drop off our bags of goodies and then made a bee-line for Camp Sertoma's Bingo Night! haha Unfortunately we didn't win anything, but the interesting characters who faithfully play Bingo there twice each week more than make up for it. You essentially play bingo for 3.5-4 hours for $20 and their are multiple small and big prizes ranging from $50-1,000.

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