Friday, February 17, 2012

5QF - 2/17

Yay for Friday!!! This has been the longest week EVER. Oh my. I didn't think the weekend would ever arrive! :p

Besides having an emotional week due to boys, I am also PMS'ing now. *sigh* It's no wonder I've been a monster this week!?! On that note, I weighed in this morning and I gained 1 pound, which I believe is all from the bloating, but either way it's okay.

Join us for some 5QF fun over at Mama M's!

- - -

1. What do you do when you are really upset to calm yourself down?

I listen to music. Music is in my soul and I can't go a day without it. I listen to the radio every day on my way to and from work (thank goodness for XM radio). I listen to Pandora radio all day on my computer at work. When I workout, my iPod is totally jamming with playlists. It's always been my go to. I am thankful I grew up in a musical home. :)

2. Do you go all out for V-day or is it just another day?

I have yet to have a V-day where I'm with someone. Sad, huh? 29 years old and I have yet to experience a true Valentine's day date. I prefer to keep things simple, so I'd probably love just to have my guy make me dinner (instead of the other way around) and stay at home to watch a movie while cuddling on the couch. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

3. Are you more or less productive when Hubs is away?

No Hubs, so don't have an answer for that! ha I tend to be pretty productive no matter who is around, but I have noticed in previous relationships that the more "the boy" is around, the more I get done on super speed while he's not around...mostly so I can enjoy our time together without distraction. Once again, that's a down-side to the fact that all my serious relationships have been long distance. Sucky sucky.

4. What is your favorite time of day and why?

Mornings!!! The quiet peacefulness of an early morning has been and will always be my favorite time of the day. I am the wake up happy and cheerful person. I love being awake for the sunrise. I like spending the morning without saying a single word or being interrupted by anyone else, but I also enjoy heart-to-hearts in the early morning hours. As a State Officer, Rajean and I had many mornings in the office as the only ones up and moving...and I loved our quiet time to talk about life. :)

5. What is your go to karaoke song?

Do people really karaoke?? I have never been to a karaoke bar. The closest I've ever come to this scenario was in Cozumel on vacation when we sat at the bar watching all the drunk parents and the kids (the kids were not drunk...ha) taking part in the nightly karaoke festivities in the hotel lobby. I love to sing, but I don't think I have a go-to song. My favorite song changes daily. It would probably depend on my mood and/or how much I'd had to drink by that point. It could be anything from songs by Tyrone Wells, Kelly Clarkson, Colbie Caillat, The Beach Boys, or Rascal Flatts.


  1. I used to turn the radio up real loud if I happened to be upset while I was driving - haven't done that in a long time.

  2. Gotta love music! :) Loved your response to the karaoke question! However, my aunt owns a karaoke on-the-go business, so every get together includes some crazy adventures of "singing." :P

    Glad I found your blog, new follower visiting from Mama M's. :)


  3. That one pound is definitely from the bloating! Don't even sweat it! You're doing amazing anyway.



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