Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 323 & More Boy News

Well today I felt like myself!! Sounds stupid to say that, but my positive optimistic self has returned. :) After a boy-free night last night, I woke up feeling refreshed. Ahhhh. Thank goodness!

Today I wore some of my new purchases. I've worn the coral tank top before, but it was the first time to wear the brown light-weight cardi and the cuff bracelet. Love it!

I have mentioned on Twitter, but not necessarily on here, that my blog friend Nikki (who I feel like I've always known, is it just me?) has made this the year of learning about her body and getting healthy...well, she has inspired me. Sure, I've been working hard to create new habits concerning food and exercise, but there is much more to do in my life.

The first thing isn't really about health, but more something I've thought about for YEARS and just never had the ability to do it. Today I had a LASIK consult in Indy at a well-respected office that many friends have gone to and raved about! I was anxious about the appointment, but I shouldn't have been. :p It was awesome! The office is just so amazing...the entire staff made you feel at ease and you can tell they know what they are doing. I was so relieved to find out that I am a great candidate for LASIK and the doc said my eyes are super healthy, even though she can tell how long I've been wearing glasses and contacts! (got my 1st pair of glasses in the 3rd grade & started wearing contacts in the 7th grade...its been the majority of my life! 20-21 years!!) So, it just happened that next week is surgery week at the Indy center (the surgeon rotates between 3 clinics in IN & KY)....and I am booked for Friday! The bad news is that I have to wear my glasses, which are 8 years old, ALL week. I am not supposed to wear my contacts ever again. I am excited about that, but I have a super busy week and my glasses give me headaches, so we shall see how this goes! I HATE MY GLASSES. *sigh* The doc said she fully expects me to have 20/20 vision due to how great my eyes are for this. YAY! Stay posted for a full report next weekend!

And on to the boys.......last night I didn't talk to any of the guys. Nada. Nil. Zilch. I didn't message anyone today either. It was almost time for me to leave work at 11am when I got the first text of the day...from coworker boy (who found his way to the office multiple times to ask me questions today...unusual). We texted most of the day. This afternoon I also heard from engineering boy and hotty-bo-botty. Still talking to engineering boy (he is back here this weekend) and even suggested he'd be welcome to come over for a movie, but he is playing geeky engineer tonight and soldering something at his place. Hotty-bo-botty might as well not texted for no more than he said. Boys are so frustrating. You leave them alone and they put it out there and they run away. ARGH. hahahaha All I can do is laugh about this tonight.

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  1. Awww you're sweet for mentioning me! I'm glad I could inspire at least one person to get updated on their health. It's not easy - and a little bit of a pain in the ass to get all the doc appointments lined up, but it's for the best. So excited for you to have your laski surgery next week - wow! You have such pretty eyes! :)



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