Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 321

This is definitely a point in life that is up and down...and it shouldn't be. Life has been so good. I am so much stronger than the chaos surrounding me. Chaos caused by boys!! Ugh.

Anyway, today I got a card in the mail. It was a card that I needed. It was a card that was totally unexpected. My dear sweet friend, Liza, sent me a Valentine's card. She has the uncanny ability to always know when I need a smile. Today was one of those days. Thank you Liza! Love you girlie! :)


  1. Forget the boys! Who needs 'em anyway?! :)

    1. Actually, I'm beginning to feel that way! ha I need to update the "boys" story. I finally feel like I have some resolution to both situations. haha

  2. Its amazing when friends do something that just makes your day, like they sense you needed it!



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