Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 325

Oh Sunday, how I love you so! :) ha I was in need of a day like today. A road trip to West LaLa with Jen, a tough Purdue loss (but my boys sure played hard!), yummy food, and the attention of a new boy.

You'll have to wait for the story of the new boy....probably until the end of the week when we meet in person. We met on Match, but graduated from the same high school (how strange is that?) and we have a lot of mutual friends who are encouraging me to give him a chance. So I am. I have no expectations, but he is easy to talk to and unlike the other boys, he seems to know what he wants for his life. That is certainly a step in the right direction. He's not someone I would have chosen on my own, but then again...neither are the other 4. I'm just going to enjoy this for awhile. Thanks Nikki for reiterating how much FUN it can be to date more than one guy at a time. The key is definitely to keep my emotions in check! Not always easy, but starting to get a handle on it.

Since you have to wait on that story, I will share today's activities - another Boilermaker game. Can't believe only 2 home games left! Sadness and relief are rolled into one on this topic. ha

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