Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend was busy. Friday was by far my favorite day...and coincidentally, the only day I took any pictures. hmmmm

Anyway...a quick recap!


Took my acrylic nails off for a break...trying shellac for the first time!

Got these swim goggles in the mail from my SSD for the Punta Cana trip!

mmmm...pitcher of Dos Equis XX downed with my cousin Z

Indiana sunset

bonfire with friends


Busy, long day. After going to bed WAY past my bedtime, I had to get up early to go grocery shopping with mom. Then we delivered a roasting pan to the neighbors (my cousin's cousins...get that? ha) since they were preparing food for the ATV Poker Run that day. I made a trip into town to tan. Trying to keep some color before PC! Then I worked out...a lot. I mean an extreme amount of calories needed to be burned so I could keep up with plans of the day! Had a quick bite to eat at home before my friend (& Scentsy team member), Noelle, came down to borrow some product for a show she had over the weekend. I finally showered for the day and got myself ready. Made the 1.5 hour drive to Bedford for a Scentsy & Velata party. So much fun! Got to see my sorority sister, Kortni, who has been a major supporter and inspiration in my weight loss! I also have a new recruit in one of the people attending the party. I was supposed to get back and go join the after party at the bonfire, but I was so tired when I got back and most of the crew had decided to do a night ranger ride, so I just came home. Mom spent the day on the ride with my cousins.


Today I slept in, but is it really sleeping in if you got less sleep than a normal night? Ugh. I am really struggling here lately. I can't seem to fall asleep and then wake up a million times a night. So after not much sleep and waking up with a headache, I jumped right into my exercise. Part of the day included a nice 2 mile walk on our country the hot sunshine! ha This afternoon I finished getting my monthly Scentsy customer mailing ready and did some more laundry. After an ionic detox and a shower...I have been a bum! To tell you how tired I've been, I took a 30 minute nap yesterday and an hour nap today. I swapped out purses's a Coach purse I bought awhile back and wasn't going to keep for myself, but it's been growing on me because I look at it sitting there every day since I've bought it. haha

- - - - - -
Also, since I'm not selling my Coach purse, if you know anybody looking for an Acer Iconia tablet (AT&T), I have one for sale! Just email me and I'll send you all the details. I love it, but I just don't use it enough to justify the cost of having an additional monthly bill ($15 for the AT&T service).

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