Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Rather Perfect Friday

Friday was a pretty great day. Really can't complain about a single second! :)

My day started out at 4:45 am (okay, so maybe that part wasn't so great..ha..but I am used to it) with an early morning workout. I then got myself ready for work and enjoyed a short work day from 7-9am. After work, I had a few errands to run in town. Had to cash my one paycheck & drop off a graduation gift to my cousin since we aren't attending her grad party Sunday. I then made my way to Greensburg to pick up AxMan so he could accompany me on my day in Indy!

We got to Indy and I went to my doc's office for a blood draw. Don't fret - just potassium testing for the testosterone blocker I take. Then I proceeded to drag him from store to store...haha...and I must say he handled it like a champ! I have NEVER taken a guy along on an errand day. I didn't want to bore him, but at the same time, I just feel so comfortable with him that I really didn't care - I just wanted to spend time with him doing my mundane routine. Bought my first pair of Sperry's at DSW, bought a new silver hard-side piece of luggage (that I've been wanting forever!) on The Container Store's travel sale, and made my customary stop at Ulta to stock up on things I'll be out of before too long. We also made a stop at a Sprint store so he could pay his cell phone bill.

By then, it was time for my third and final Lasik check-up. I cannot believe it's been 3 months already! They tested my eyes and then the regular doctor on staff took a look. She had a student/intern doc there as well, so when she was done checking my eyes, she told the intern to look at my eyes because I was an example of a perfect healer! :) Woohoo! That's awesome news! My eyes still tested at 20/20. Amazing since I was legally blind before that! My left eye is still weaker than my right but she said it's still very slight. So now, I just have to do yearly routine eye exams with my normal doctor. I'm loving it!

After the eye appointment, I had to introduce AxMan to 2 of my favorite Indy eateries. ;) was love at first bite! He said he had a "tongue-gasm." hahahahaha We had lunch at Scotty's Brewhouse and then grabbed dessert at BRICS. Yes, he loves the blackberry ice cream as much as I do! He's a keeper!

Since we still had time, he asked if I'd like to meet his mom and dad. *melted* His girls were there for a few hours while their mom ran errands and he said we could surprise them. I let him drive my car back from Indy (a - the girls pointed out he was seen driving a car with Purdue plates! and b - he's only the 3rd person to ever drive my car) since he knew where we were going and I obviously didn't. We got to his parent's home and the girls ran out to see us. I adore them to pieces! We then made our way in the house and spent about 30-45 minutes with his mom and dad. They were really sweet and the conversation was very easy and relaxed. We left so they could eat dinner (and before his ex picked up the girls) and drove a few blocks away so I could meet his grandma. She is such a sweet lady! She reminds me a lot of how my maternal grandma was when she was living. haha...she even knew what shellac was and commented on my nails! ;) We spent about 20 minutes sitting out on the deck at her house just chatting. Both mom and grandma hugged me...he said that was a VERY good sign and that he could tell they liked me. I hope so! I liked them!

We made our way back to the place he's staying (he got word yesterday that he got the apartment he was wanting in Osgood) and chatted with the Greer's for awhile. They are like his second family because it's his best friend's family (they've been best friends since they were 8 - so almost 30 years!). We had every intention of watching a movie, but both of us fell asleep. Whoops! haha I guess we were both tired. :p I made it home pretty late, but it was so worth it. It was a perfect day. I don't know how many times he thanked me for asking him to spend the day with me, but it was pretty cute that he enjoyed it as much as I did!

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  1. Hooray so adorable!! Only, you forgot my birthday gift.............



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