Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Life [in Pictures & Song]

If you follow along on Twitter & Instagram (@emenchho1), then you probably know that life...well, it's been hectic. There's so much to tell you, but I'm a little overwhelmed with where to start. So, I'll give a brief update (as brief as I can be...ya'll know I'm long winded!) and then throw some pictures and a song at ya! Deal? Okay, good.

For starters, AxMan and I are great. Beyond great. This weekend is the 2 month mark...and while this next statement is gonna blow some people's minds (like those who have known me a long time and know how slow & cautious I tend to be), I don't really care because sometimes you JUST KNOW. Ya know? haha Anyway....AxMan is moving in. Yep, you read that right. On Sunday, he will officially be a resident of my home. Er, mom's home...but whatever. Financially and emotionally, it is a good move for both of us. Not really going to explain anything else about that, but suffice it to say that we're excited and if I had to guess, I think even mom is kinda looking forward to it. She's been helping me make space for the boy and his girls (who we'll have 1 more full week this summer and then every other weekend). We have a "guest bedroom" upstairs that was really being used for storage and now it is the home of Katniss & Lorraine. They checked it out last night and were pretty excited about it. It's going to be a huge adjustment for me as I've never lived with a man (I've had male roomies, but no one that I was in a relationship with) and it's not truly our own private space, but we'll make it work.

So the moral of the story is that the rest of my time has been spent helping AxMan pack up the apartment (that he just moved into last month), while at the same time cleaning out our house to make room for his stuff. I'm E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D. Seriously. Monday my knee hurt so bad, I'm surprised it wasn't bruised or swollen. I could barely walk. Monday night I took it easier than the previous few days, but Tuesday it felt tons better. Today I only notice a small twinge in my hip (for overcompensating on the knee for 2-3 days). All year mom has had it on her To Do list to clean the storage (aka think attic) room upstairs and get rid of a bunch of old stuff and reorganize. Did we do that? Nope. Instead, with the clock ticking...we did it ONE day. Craziness. I don't have any clue how many trips up and down the stairs I made, how many times I climbed up in the back of the truck, how many times I handled each bag or item as I lugged it down said stairs, packed it on the truck or threw it in the dumpster. Oh and not just 1 dumpster. We filled 3 dumpsters (of varying sizes, but still).

I just want a break. From everything. ha It seems my own To Do list is a mile long (and growing daily), plus assisting with everyone else's stuff. I can't wait until everything is settled and we can just sit on the couch, watch a movie with the girls, and relax. :) I know that time is coming, but it seems kinda far away. haha Maybe I'll get some rest when I go to Vegas in 2 weeks...or NOT. :p

storage room BEFORE (good thing you can't see everything to the left of the door!)

storage room AFTER (although now has more piled up due to the boy's stuff)

we wore Toby out from cleaning and moving! haha

piles are everywhere at the apartment

AxMan made me dinner one night & we watched a movie (the last night we had any of the furniture in this pic...he sold everything the next day!)

and when you're left with no real furniture, you eat off your kids' princess table, while sitting on the floor #truestory

We were driving home last night & the boy randomly asks if I want to listen to a song that always makes him think of of course, I want to. This is the song - Nothing Like This by Rascal Flatts ;)


  1. OH WOW!!! I'm happy for you girl, thrilled, beyond thrilled!

  2. AHEM! Two months I've been waiting...............



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