Monday, July 2, 2012

A Scorching Weekend

Whew! Is anyone else HOT? I don't just mean hot...I mean, it's burning like the fires of hell outside. Seriously. 100+ degree days are not much fun. I am a high 60's/low 70's kind of girl, so anything 90's and 100's isn't much going to make me happy. haha

Despite the wicked weather, I had a fabulous weekend! On Friday afternoon, I judged a local county fair Queen Pageant with one of my best friends, Olesha. It was her first time and my millionth. ha We had a great afternoon interviewing the girls, enjoying dinner out on the committee (despite the electricity going out due to the storms), and got to watch a very deserving young lady get crowned!

me dressed up to judge the pageant

After the pageant, I changed my clothes and met up with AxMan and the girls. We drove to my work's parking lot to meet up with a bunch of my family and friends to watch the town's fireworks. And no, I didn't even think to take a picture of the fireworks. Um....DUH! The girls had fun playing with my cousin, Ethan, while I introduced AxMan to some of the crew and watched the pretty fireworks. (The girls know Ethan because my cousin Monica is going to watch them a few times this summer so AxMan can have them during his weeks. I'm glad they all get along so well!)

Saturday morning was thankfully a lazy day. I did some laundry and made a trip to the grocery store for mom. Then I hung out at the apartment with AxMan and the girls. He was unfortunately not feeling well most of the week. We've come to believe it was probably the one-week "flu" bug that seemed to be going around our hometown. Thankfully yesterday he started feeling much better, and although he works out in this horrible heat, hopefully he won't be feeling lousy again tonight. I took the girls with me to spend time with my family. Everyone was hanging out at my cousin Sara's house and having a pitch-in dinner. The girls played with Ethan, Callie, and Henry...then Zach & mom took me, Katniss, and Lorraine for a ranger ride. They had so much fun riding in the creek! I "forced" them to go home much sooner than they would have liked, but I hated to have their dad at home alone not feeling well. We still ended up being gone for about 4 hours. That night, Lorraine helped me bake individual chocolate cakes with the Redi Set Express. It was just a regular cake mix poured into the wells and baked for 7 minutes, then cooled and iced with chocolate icing. Both girls thought that was the most amazing thing ever and they were cracking me up! They called them Erin's Famous Chocolate Tacos and Erin's Famous Chocolate Clouds. hahaha Goobers! ;)

 Callie, Katniss, & Lorraine

Ethan & Henry wrestling

beautiful girls!

ranger ride in the creek

me & Lorraine

chocolate cake

Katniss's fave color = orange & so is my sis's fave color...she asked me to take a pic to send to Jen to show her! ha

Sunday morning we all surprisingly woke up fairly early and since the girls had requested my Famous Fluffy Waffles (they swear every meal I make is fluffy goodness - I have also made them bubble up pizza, a recipe from pinterest), I made everyone waffles. Yum! We watched a movie while AxMan did laundry. The girls really needed to go through their dressers and a large garbage bag full of clothes to decide what they could/couldn't wear anymore. They weren't too thrilled by that, but I got them convinced it would help dad tremendously and so we sorted everything out! We ended up with 2 bags of clothes for Goodwill, 2 still overly stuffed dressers, and 1 bag of trash. I have a feeling some things in the dressers still need to go, but it's a start. :p

Day 2 ranger ride in the creek with AxMan in the very back of the pic!

Henry just minutes before falling in the water (as he always does)

playing in the water :)

me & Katniss

we sure do love the water!

Last night we took the girls home (since their mom's car was "overheating"). They both hugged me goodbye. It warms my heart that they WANT to hug me! And even more so that they did it in front of their mom's house....without coercion!

It was late by the time we got back home, so we made a frozen pizza for dinner. I know, I know...we are the epitome of excitement. ;)


  1. Looking good lady (all dressed up for the queen judging) :) I hope the pageant was inside where it was air conditioned. I remember one year I helped judge a contest for you, and it was outside in a mud hole!

    Anywho...I'm glad you and Axman and the girls are getting along so well. It makes my heart smile. Also, in this hot weather, playing in the creek sounds like the best kind of weekend!

  2. What a fun weekend! You are so pretty! :)

  3. How fun!!! (I'm with ya totally on the heat issue! ick!) And by the way.. the photo of the teeeny litttttle man in the background does NOT suffice!

  4. I love all of these pictures of you and the girls!!!

    I'm so over this heat, too. I think we are FINALLY going to get some rain this week. I thought I'd never see it again!



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