Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Leg Update

Sorry for my absence, but honestly, just haven't felt like doing all that much. After sitting in the same chair all day long, EVERY day, and working from home...when my "hours" are in, I usually shut the computer off and become a vegetable watching tv. Exciting, no?

Anyway...today I had my 2 week check up with the orthopedic surgeon and he said my leg looks like it's healing. He ALMOST let me walk in the aircast this week, but then decided to make sure my leg is completely healed and told me I have to stay off of it for 2 more weeks.

So here I am. In the chair. Again. For 2 more weeks. Someone shoot me now!

The only upside is that in 2 weeks at my next appointment, he told me to bring a shoe. He thinks I'll be able to go home without the aircast! Praying for that!! (Originally I was told it would be 4 weeks no walking and 2 weeks walking in aircast.)

Anyway....back to working at home. And hoping this broken leg doesn't cause my marriage to end in divorce.



  1. Your marriage better not break down that quickly!!! For better or worse, right?! :o) He needs to be bringing you ice cream and rented movies to make you feel better!

  2. Considering I have checked your blog every day since you broke your leg to see if you were feeling like your old self again, I highly doubt that your heading for divorce. Glad to see your blogging again. I love you Erin. It will take more than a broken leg to change that. I hope you have enjoyed the ice cream! And You just don't care that much for movies! HAHA! But I have been trying to keep you entertained. I've even learned how to fold your underwear!! wink wink! Keep getting better. I love you Baby!!



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