Friday, July 19, 2013

Leg Update

As's an update on my leg.

At my 6 week appointment, doc told me I needed physical therapy. Why you ask? Well, my leg is still EXTREMELY swollen (Eric likes to say it looks like when the Nutty Professor turned into the fat man every time) and due to that, I have limited ankle and knee and sometimes hip motion.

I have completed my first week of PT. I go twice a week. They have done some electrical stimulation (which feels awesome) and dramatically reduces the swelling for the evening...but then the next day, it's right back to being like an elephant stump. Ugh.

I have around 5 more weeks of PT, but my 2 physical therapists are thinking I may need to see an OT and/or lymphatic specialist. I have exercises to do at home PLUS some stuff to try to open my lymph nodes to promote the swelling going down. I'm giving it my best effort, but so far no luck.

I just took this picture and you can see how much of a difference there is in my legs. The swelling extends into my thigh and it feels like it's so tight it'll bust. I am also wearing a compression sock on doc's orders. So joyous. NOT. I just want to get better!

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