Sunday, July 28, 2013

Never A Dull Moment

Well, as most of you know from Facebook and Instagram...things took a turn with my leg. And no, not a great one.

On Tuesday morning, I went to see my orthopedic doc and after one look at my leg, he said I would be taking a trip to the hospital to get an ultrasound on my leg. He told me what to expect if 1 or the other situation occurred.

Off to the hospital we went...the ultrasound was quite an experience. My leg was so swollen that it took 2 techs to try to get the images they needed (couldn't hardly see anything due to the swelling) and I had to roll over on my stomach so they could scan behind my knee (again the swelling was outrageous). The one tech told me, "Oh I knew you'd be staying with us for awhile when I saw you walk in."

Yep. I had MULTIPLE blood clots. Not just one. I had one massive clot and several smaller clots in my upper thigh. They aren't sure how I had arterial flow to my lower leg/foot, but I did. They called my doc (who was in surgery at the time) and he had me immediately admitted to the hospital.

I was escorted to my suite for the week. Blood thinners became the name of the game. I was admitted Tuesday afternoon and released Saturday morning. It was a LONG week.

My numbers are still not exactly where the doctors want them, but were to the level that they would accept in order to let me leave. I am taking an at-home injection and an oral medication. The injection will only last a few days (thank goodness...3 days worth is $400 generic), but the oral med will last for about 6 months. This situation has also caused other situations to arise. For example, I am no longer allowed to take my birth control, so now I need to make an appointment with my gynecologist to figure out what I can safely do as we are not in the baby making time of our lives.

I am now prone to bleeding and bruising. Boy oh should see my arms! I was the lucky one who got stuck for a blood draw every 6 hours while in the hospital, plus I had an IV for one of the meds. Fun, fun! My leg is still swollen, but getting better. Hopefully when the last of the clots disappear, the swelling will be able to drain and I'll be back to walking like a normal person!


  1. I'm so sorry you ended up with blood clots. Those can be really dangerous! I bet it feels good to be home now, even though you've got to continue taking meds - blood thinners, right? After my mom's surgery and subsequent blood clots, she had to be on Warfarin for awhile.

  2. Oh god! Feel better! Good luck!

  3. Holy cow!
    No bueno!!
    I don't even know you and I'm so sorry to hear this news!! I'll keep you in prayer!
    Holy cow... where did all of those blood clots come from?
    Get better!



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