Friday, January 3, 2014

52 Week Money Challenge

I had seen this ingenious challenge quite a few times over the past year and although I know it may become a struggle to complete it (since my husband & I are both still looking for work), we can all use help saving money!

I just went online, found this pretty chart all ready to go, printed it, cleaned the change out of my wallet and ended up being able to put $3 in our jar ($1 for this week and $2 for next week). I can't be the only one who hates change in my wallet?? ha

Here's to saving money and being able to help our family! ;)

Are YOU saving money this year??


  1. I've seen that one, too! It would be amazing to have all that extra cash at the end of the year! Good luck!!!

  2. Ohhhh we are doing this too! I am excited about it! This week is week 5 already!

    PS. Somehow your blog posts were not showin in my blog roll but I got it all fixed which is why the influx of comments :)



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