Monday, March 17, 2014

Photo A Day: Week 11

Is it really only the 11th week of the year? Seems like we've been at this a bit longer and yet I still struggle to write 2014 instead of my automatic response of 2013. haha

black premium leather Carly bag - carried it for a few months, but looking to sell it! (let me know if you're interested)

my cubicle window - we got tired of everyone looking in at us as they walked by, so teal zebra tablecloth it is! ha

healthy snacks at work...mmm apples!

have 2 home strength workouts from Abby

taking notes during my Scentsy leadership webinar

empty Scentsy boxes means happy people with filled orders! :)

reading some great tips in Health magazine

1 comment:

  1. Too much.. too much! You struggle writing "2014" and I keep putting "2017"! Goodness, I think we both need to rewind to about ten years ago.. back when life was oohhhhh so much easier! :)



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