Saturday, September 5, 2009

Books, Books, & More Books

I LOVE to read...I have always been the kid who could sit anywhere and completely immerse myself in a book. My cousin, Monica, and I trade books fairly often because we both enjoy reading. The past year or so we've really been into vampires. haha It sounds funny, but there are quite a few good series out there. Not the deep, dark, twisted stories, but the light-hearted romantic comedy with some drama. ;)

There is a great series by Michele Bardsley about a group of people turned vampires in Broken Heart, OK. We have read all the ones that are out for now...I hate having to wait for the latest book in a series! haha

I also enjoyed the Twilight series. :) Hasn't the world? ha

There is a series about witches and warlocks by a pair of authors, Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie, that's really interesting. It's called Wicked. It fits in right along with Twilight and Harry Potter. haha

I recently started the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris (on the recommendation of the Wal-Mart book stocker)...and they are AWESOME. I've read the first eight! Just flew through them. :p I'm waiting for the ninth book to come out in paperback, but I may break down and buy it in hardback. haha The tenth book comes out next month and the eleventh book comes out next May. The HBO series True Blood is based on these books. I haven't seen the show yet, but several of my friends are addicted to the show AND books!

And now that I'm waiting to finish that vampire series, I've switched over to the series by Emily Giffin (after seeing it on Rajean's friend Missy's blog). Very good book so far (I'm half way through the first book), but at the same time a little depressing. I say depressing because it hits a little close to home for me! For those who have read it or go look up the synopsis, NO I am not interested in an engaged guy...ha...BUT the guy I like does have a gf, it's a long complicated sordid story that makes me feel like crap (and no we're not "seeing" each other, but we do still talk which is self-destructive) and I am nearing the 30 mark SINGLE while the rest of my friends are engaged/married/having babies. So the feelings and thoughts the character in the book has, are a little too real. Oh well...still a good read!

I also have another series waiting to go when I finish this current set, so I'll let you know when I get to 'em! ha

Also, if anyone's interested in them...let me know. My books are lightly used, no dog ear pages, and I will probably post them for a VERY reasonable price on Ebay in the near future. (Monica still has to read a few of them before I'll post them.)

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