Thursday, September 10, 2009

Golf is my Life

Isn't it ironic that a girl who doesn't play golf...manages a golf course and feels like she eats, sleeps, breathes golf?!? haha The past week has felt like I'm on golf overload!! Sadly, it's not getting any better.

Sunday the golf course was host to the Samples Scramble. I really didn't have much to do for this event besides make sure the course was ready, but it's still a big undertaking to get there early and get all the carts out, and then handle 40 people at once wanting to buy drinks/snacks before heading out to play. They made it through their scramble, amidst some sprinkles. It started POURING down rain as they were parking their carts. I got soaked trying to clean the carts out and put some of them away. I had people waiting to go out (once the course was officially open), but it never let up they had to go home. I ended up putting the rest of the carts away and closing up shop for the day!

Wednesday was our first ever Member Day. Now this is an event I have been bustling to get planned for the past month. We decided we needed to have an "appreciation" day and thankfully, the weather was perfect!! We had about 3/4 of our members come spend the ENTIRE day with us. They didn't have to pay anything to ride as many holes as they wanted...they definitely took advantage of that deal! haha We provided coffee and danish for them in the morning, which they loved! Then I grilled hamburgers and hotdogs to serve with potato salad, baked beans, chips, and fantastic golf ball decorated sugar cookies. It was a big hit! The last surprise of the day was that each member got a thank you gift, a custom Pine Hills Golf Course can koozie. :) Everyone really seemed to enjoy the day and were quite thankful. Although it was a long 12 hour day for me (especially since Wednesdays are my only day off each week), it was still a fun day with my favorite people!

chow time!

our golf themed cookies!

getting ready for yet another scramble on Member Day

Now I have to get through a few more days and then Saturday the course is hosting the Raider Open. It will be a big event with about 22 teams (11 morning and 11 afternoon) to raise money for the South Ripley Athletic Program. They have this event every year, but it is our first time to host it. A true sign that we are moving up in the world! (our course looks AMAZING right now) So, I have to be there ALL'll probably be a 15 hour day for me...ugh. :(

Other than that....I haven't accomplished much of anything lately. I have not had less than 60 hours since my vacation to Wisconsin. Most weeks, it's been almost 70. I need a break! :p

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