Monday, June 4, 2012

A Day at the Park

So where do I begin with yesterday's festivities? hmmmm...I have a lot to tell! (And if you didn't read the blog over the weekend, you need to scroll down and read your way back up because I posted on Saturday AND Sunday.)

Sunday morning after AxMan woke up, I asked him if they would like to do something together for the day. So we decided on an afternoon at the park (at this point it was 10:30am and the girls were still asleep). I set about getting myself ready after exercising, had a quick bite to eat, and gathered some park supplies. Quilts to lay out in the grass, scratch sets (you know the velcro catch game), a frisbee, my old cheerleading pom-poms (cause the girls asked to see them the night before but I had to dig them out of a box), and a cooler with our favorite drinks. I met them at the park around 1:30pm and the fun began!

The girls played...and played...and played some more. We really had a great time! I also had packed my iPod and speakers, so we listened to music while laying on the quilts. AxMan ran to grab a pizza since him and the girls hadn't eaten. The girls and I talked about all sorts of things...I just let them lead the conversation. I'm glad they feel comfortable enough with me to confide in me. (It surprised their daddy later when I told him too.) The girls made themselves dizzy on the merry-go-round, climbed on the geo-dome, went down the slides, and I joined them on the swings. Lorraine even found time to bury herself in the sandbox. Oi. The girl had sand EVERYWHERE. haha It was really the perfect day weather-wise! I would plan a day like that again in a heartbeat!

DORK! He didn't think I snapped this fast enough...bahaha

Around and around they go!

Sand, anyone?

Kiddie swing

After about 2.5 hours the girls were starting to get restless. You know how it is...sooooo BORING. hahaha We packed everything back in my car and then went over to the place AxMan is staying right now because I hadn't been there and the girls wanted me to see it. We all piled onto the bed and watched a movie...but mostly chatted. All too soon it seemed like our day was coming to a close. At 7pm, I rode along for the "drop off" of the kiddos to their mom. I did see her, but we did not meet. Can anyone say awkward?!?

After dropping the girls off, we went back to the park and sat on the big bench swing under a shade tree. It was nice just being able to sit there and enjoy some quiet time with AxMan. After some talking there, we went back to where he's staying. He really wanted to watch the movie (cause it was already a day late), but of course, we missed most of it again due to a conversation that got started between us. He is VERY adamant about open communication...and I love that, but at the same time, it's almost to the point it makes me uncomfortable. Why? Well....he's been there done that and I haven't. It's really as simple as that. I would be lying if I didn't say the situation can intimidate me at times, but I'm working really hard not to let it. Sometimes that feeling comes across as me rejecting him. I hate that he feels that way, but it's because of his history. We were kind of giving each other some thinking space when my dear, sweet, wonderful friend O texted. The girl has some crazy connection to me! She always seems to hit the right day and the right moment when I need a true friend's advice. She was texting about reading my latest blog post....and of course she has lots of backstory via text because she's a) local and b) one of my best friends since HS. It was the reminder I needed to put myself out I asked him to read the text. That was all it took to open the lines of communication. There was some pretty serious conversation...and at times I felt like he could reach out and crush my heart at any moment...but in the end, we're okay. We both have lots of baggage/fears we bring into the relationship, but we both want to make it work. He really pushes me to lay those fears to rest. I know I'm pushing him as well. It will no doubt continue to be a struggle. I just know I'm willing to keep "laying it on the line" as long as he does.

Yesterday I had planned to ask him how he felt about us being "Facebook official." hahaha Stupid, I know. Forgive me. On the way home, I texted him to ask. He was all for it. So when I got home and got some stuff done, I finally had a moment to sit down and change my status on FB. His computer screen is shattered and good ol' FB won't let the world change their relationship on the mobile app (I mean...really? How dumb is that logic??), so he is hoping to get to a computer tonight or tomorrow to "approve" our pending relationship. He does however still get all the notifications from every time someone has liked my changed status. hahaha ;) I really never knew so many cared about my status until last night when 14 people Liked my relationship status change within 10 minutes of posting midnight!! Good grief. It does make me laugh though. And I do like being his. And him being mine. :)

OH...he also now knows about the blog, but hasn't seen it. I told him about his moniker and let's just say...I think he would've done the "me Tarzan" beating on his chest thing had I been standing with him when we talked about it later on the phone (after I got home). His biggest question was why I felt the need to hide his name and call him something else. I explained to him that the moniker started before we'd started officially dating and it was to protect his privacy. So...AxMan is actually a wonderful man named Eric. If you're FB friends with probably figured that out by his comment on my status change and the fact that he also Liked it. hahaha Eventually it'll say that he's the one I'm in a relationship with, but ya know that whole approval thing via an actual computer! :p I will most likely continue to call him AxMan, but don't be surprised if I slip up from time to time and you see Eric. I almost typed it earlier in a paragraph and went back to change it!


  1. E!!! I'm so happy for you :) Thanks for sharing your story!!!

  2. Hooray!! :) So very exciting!

  3. YESSS!!! Girl you seem happy so that makes me happy!! I originally thought of trying to come up with a moniker for Skye but it's just easier using his name.

  4. I'm so happy for you!!! I've been keeping up on your blog and love the updates.



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